The Sherman Planning & Zoning Commission approved two separate requests Tuesday that would allow the construction of 71 new patio homes in the city.

The city received letters of opposition from residents in each of the areas where the construction is proposed, but no one appeared before the commission on either matter Tuesday to oppose the specific use permits and site plan approvals requested. The first request approved would allow 44 patio homes at 502 E. Northcreek Dr., 4706-4723 Indio Lane, 400-516 Carneros Dr., 4701-4733 Dry Creek Rd. and 400-505 Sonoma Court. The second request would allow 26 patio homes on the property in the 2300 block of Peggey’s Cove, 3300-3500 blocks of Hanan Street and the 2300-2400 blocks of Southridge Lane. Both items will next have to be approved by the Sherman City Council.

The 44 homes near Northcreek Drive was a request by property owners CeCi Bates Ventures LLC, Homes by JLS of Texoma and Magnolia Village LP, who would both be building homes in the area. Scott Bates of CeCi Bates Ventures LLC said the homes planned for the area are more in the farmhouse style than traditional patio homes.

“The houses are more long and narrow than the standard, tradition house,” Bates said. “We’re not truly building, I would say, a patio home, but some of the houses are more side-yard loaded. So we’re trying to provide the homeowner a little bit more rear yard, but that allows us to encroach further in the back versus a standard house. When they filed for the original plat for the subdivision, they should have turned it in as a patio (development) because the designs we’re submitting are not fitting. It’s really a kind of architectural issue.”

Jason Bassermann of Homes by JLS of Texoma explained each builder would still be following the front setbacks, but needed the back setbacks changed, which was the reason for the patio home request.

“The restriction was in order to change the plat,” Bates said, explaining the plans between the two builders are pretty consistent. “It was really in the best interest, when we talked to the building department, to just change it to a patio setting.”

In response to the request at this location, the city received opposition letters from Hilre resident Earl McKinney and Indio Lane resident Laura Barlow.

“There is only one street east and west, that is Northcreek Drive,” McKinney wrote. “I already have a hard time getting onto it. We don’t need more congestion.”

In her letter, Barlow agreed that the area was very busy.

“Cars, trucks, motorcycles all speed through stop signs,” Barlow wrote. “Please consider speed bumps on Northcreek. Currently it is not a safe area due to traffic from Town Center.”

In response to the second request, the city received a letter from Timothy Monson and Teresa Monson, who live on Hanan Street, opposing the development.

“The construction of patio homes in the Pebblebrook development will create a contrast to the existing construction styles of the area and change the residential density that would normally be attributed to the R-1 one family residential) theme,” the Monsons wrote.

However, Tim Pike, who represented the item before the commission on behalf of owners Zakiah US LLC and Wyldewood Homes LLC, explained Wyldewood was planning to do the same thing it has done with the other lots in the area. Commission Chairman then confirmed the other lots in the area received specific use permits for patio homes.

“As we just discussed, it looks like all the surrounding, or neighboring plats, are already given those special use permits,” Mahone said.

Pike said the front and back setbacks are pretty standard, but the 26 homes to be built as part of Wyldewood’s request needed the smaller side setbacks of the patio homes.