Following the dedication of the new playground equipment it donated at Hawn Park, the Sherman Rotary Club announced a new $10,000 donation to the Sherman Parks and Recreation Department to update playground equipment at Cherry Street Park.

“Sherman Rotary is very excited about building up our community,” the group’s Eric Ross said during Tuesday’s dedication at Hawn Park. “We are proud to announce that we are here to present another check of $10,000 to Sherman Parks and Rec for the improvement of Cherry Street Park. We’re also going to continue that each year. Rotarians see our networking not as just an opportunity for personal and business growth, but first as a way to better serve our community through the unity amongst professionals.”

The newly installed playground equipment at Hawn Park includes swings, slides and climbing items for children that was purchased by an initial $10,000 donation by the Rotary Club. The new equipment is mostly blue with yellow accents to match Rotary Club colors.

“The colors also look awesome on the playground, it’s all very branded and it looks great,” Ben Crouse, who represented the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, said. “This is a great asset to have in this park and I just love seeing all the love this park is getting with the skate park and everything going on here. A lot of this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for you guys stepping up and doing that.”

Parks & Recreation Manager Theresa Hutchinson said the Rotary Club approached the city a year ago about possibly donating funds to build a playground on Sherman’s east side.

“It’s been a great opportunity for me to work with the Rotary over the past year,” Hutchinson said. “We’ve met several times to not only choose the equipment that we’ve chosen, but also to choose the park in which we wanted to install it. The Rotary has been excellent to work with and we hope we will continue to work with them in the future also with other projects. Thank you to the Rotary for their generosity and serving the Sherman community and the kids of Sherman.”

Sherman Mayor David Plyler also thanked the Rotary Club for its donation during his remarks at the dedication ceremony.

“Rotarians have been making positive impacts in communities for more than a century,” Plyler said. “Here in Sherman and across our county, the organization’s motto of ‘Service before Self,’ has really been applied well. So when I heard the Rotary Club wanted to partner with the city to update the playground equipment on the city’s east side, where it has the potential to make a huge impact for local kids around here, I was once again astounded at the organization’s ability to make a difference through its members’ efforts.”