The Austin Landing subdivision, in Sherman’s northwest quadrant, will soon be getting its own community clubhouse, pool and playground for residents.

The Sherman Planning & Zoning Commission recently approved a specific use permit and site plan to allow area’s developer, Stonehollow Homes LLC, to build the amenity center at 604 W. Northcreek Drive, which is on the southwest corner of that road’s intersection with Sephora Drive.

“It’s a long overdue amenity center in Austin Landing,” Stonehollow Homes’ Ryan Hayes, who represented the item before the commission, said. “It’s going to have the community room with a kitchen in it, exercise room in it, a library as well and it’ll have the big covered back porch overlooking the swimming pool and playground area. We’ll be doing sidewalks throughout, and fence, obviously, around the pool area.”

Documents provided to the city show the amenity center will be 2,570 square feet brick building with stone accents and will also include a main living area with a fireplace and restrooms for residents within its community.

Hayes explained the planned location of the amenity center is currently near the back of the existing subdivision, but will eventually be more centered.

“It’s going to be about in the middle when the whole project is said and done,” Hayes said. “Phase three is just about ready to start, that is to the north, but then phases four and five will be further back to the west as we continue.”

The specific use permit was required because the amenity center is to be built in a residential area. However, Sherman Director of Development Services Scott Shadden assured the commission the specific use permit could never lead to the building becoming something like a taco stand, after commission member Shawn Davis inquired about the possibility.

“It’s still residential zoned, so if that (amenity center) goes away it goes back (to being residential),” Shadden said.

Hayes explained the developers were planning to build a parking lot to meet the requirement of 13 spaces for the building on a separate lot, something that brought up the fact that the separate lot had not been platted.

“The plan for parking is basically right to the west along Northcreek (Drive),” Hayes said. “We own all of the land, but our plan is to have a parking lot that will access off of Northcreek. It’s not actually on this lot, it will be on the lot next to it. It’s actually not platted at the moment because that’s where phase two ended. We’re going to take the whole HOA (homeowners association) lot and use it for the amenity center and then do the parking lot on the lot next to it.”

Shadden explained the commission’s approval meant the parking lot would have to be completed before the amenity center could go into use.

“They’re going to have to figure out how they’re going to do (that) and then they’ll probably come back for an SUP (specific use permit) for a parking lot or an exception,” Shadden said before answering Chairman Clay Mahone’s question of whether the developers could even build the amenity center without the parking lot. “They can build it; they can’t occupy it.”

Hayes said the request was made because the developers weren’t sure what the city would allow.

“I didn’t know if you guys would allow us to go ahead and build the parking lot and then as we develop that phase, just to include it in the plat and just work backwards since we already own all that 150 acres right there,” Hayes said.

But Shadden reiterated that the planned amenity center couldn’t be occupied until the parking requirement was met. The commission then approved the site plan and specific use permit unanimously.