With much of the planned QuikTrip convenience store already built on Sherman’s north side, the developers of the business will soon move on to adding signage to the location after being granted an encroachment easement by the city.

The Sherman City Council approved an encroachment easement Monday that will allow QuikTrip to place a nearly 11-foot monument sign on the north property line of the property on the southwest corner of FM 691 and U.S. Highway 75. The planned location for the 10-foot, 10-inch sign will encroach into a 20-foot sewer easement, which is why the agreement with the city was required.

“QuikTrip has made a request to install one of their monument signs close to the right of way,” Director of Engineering Clint Philpott said. “Unfortunately there’s a sewer line that goes right where they’re wanting to put their sign. So they’ve coordinated with us to verify that the construction of that sign will not affect the sewer line at all. They’ve agreed to an encroachment agreement for that and staff sees no reason not to accept it.”

The encroachment easement document to be signed by the city and QuikTrip states Sherman is to receive $1 in consideration from QuikTrip for the easement.

“There has to be some sort of money (exchanged),” Philpott said of the easement agreement. “There was no cost to us to allow them to do it. If there had been a situation where we had to relocate a utility for them, we could have taken into account the cost of that, as a stipulation.”

QuikTrip’s planned 154-square-foot monument sign will be 20 feet from its western property line and on the northern property line, Real Estate Project Manager John Pimentel said in a letter to the city.

The planned 5,858-square-foot gas station could be the first major development in Sherman’s FM 691 Overlay District on the north side of the city. Documents provided to Sherman state the store will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week with 20 fueling stations.

When the Sherman Planning & Zoning Commission approved the site plan for QuikTrip in April of last year, Pimentel said around 150 people would be employed during the construction of the store, which was expected to take about six months. Philpott said construction on the gas station and convenience store began earlier this year. Once the store opens, Pimentel said it will likely employ more than 20 people.

“Just the store employees, we’re looking at 20 to 40 based on the needs and volume of the site,” Pimentel said last year. “For this site, given its location, we’re hoping we get more in the 40 range.”

Pimentel also said the store is likely to bring in an average of $1.5 million in estimated tax revenue for the city.

Philpott explained the encroachment easement went before the council instead of the P&Z commission because there was no issue with the sign’s setback from the property line.

In addition to the zoning change and site plan approval, the commission’s board of adjustments approved an exception for the business’ planned signage last year. That exception will allow a planned 439-square-foot sign that will be 75 feet tall and 20 feet from the property line instead of the normally required 300-square-foot limit for a 50-foot tall sign that is 100 feet back from the property line.

When plans for the QuikTrip were first announced in February of last year, Sherman Mayor David Plyler said he expects the developments on the city’s north side to be around for a long time.

“The excitement we’ve seen from folks around town about this development really speaks for itself,” Plyler said via email. “QuikTrip has built a reputation as one of the top convenience brands in Texas, and we are just thrilled they picked Sherman for their first Grayson County location. QT will be anchoring the Sherman Landing development — which is the northern gateway to Sherman and the Dallas Metroplex — for decades to come.”