The school doors are all locked and some area teenagers might be looking for a way to fill the hours that were once occupied with books and learning. Those who want to make some money with their free time might find the odds in their favor.

“Everyone is hiring,” Marcia Lindsey, with Workforce Solutions Texoma, said, explaining the kinds of jobs teens usually gravitate toward, like fast food or convenience stores, are readily available.

Just a few years ago, Lindsey said, teens would have to start looking for their summer employment well before the end of school just to get a job. Now, she said, they can feel more secure waiting until the last tardy bell rings before beginning that job hunt.

Lindsey said the current unemployment rate is 3.1 percent, which is a near record-low for this area. That means there aren’t a lot of employees for the jobs that are open.

Of course, some summer jobs do require a bit more planning, such as becoming a lifeguard.

Sherman Parks and Recreation Manager Theresa Hutchinson said her department starts taking applications to work at the city’s pool in March. She said the pool employs 53 lifeguards, five who are lead lifeguards and 48 others.

For those who are looking for slightly less specialized work, Lindsey said teens who are seeking jobs are welcomed to come into one of the Workforce Solutions offices locally and use the resources available there, which include computers and internet services. Workforce Solutions can also find help with résumé writing and other essentials.