RGB Eye Associates will soon get a larger sign for the side of its Sherman building along U.S. Highway 75.

The Sherman Planning & Zoning Commission’s board of adjustments recently approved an exception to allow the vision services business to replace its current sign, which is slightly over 300 square feet, with a new 412 square foot sign.

“They would like to reconfigure the sign,” Jason Sofey, who represented the item before the board, said. “They’re going to change some of the branding on it and eliminate a lot of the smaller verbiage on the sign as well. I know the ordinance is 300 square feet, but there’s also some language about 10 percent of the wall surface. We’ll be covering less than that of the brick wall surface.”

Sofey said though the building is along Hwy. 75, there is limited access to the business, which is between Texoma Parkway and Taylor Street.

“The building kind of sits at a little bit different angle right there,” Sofey said. “For their patients, it’s rather important that they see the sign and be able to get into that facility.”

The board ultimately voted to unanimously approve the exception to allow RGB Eye Associates to exceed the city ordinance with the size of its sign, though there was a question about its illumination.

“I noticed on some of these plans it says LED internal illumination, is the current sign illuminated,” commission Chairman Clay Mahone asked.

Sofey explained the current sign does light up, when it is functioning.

“That’s another reason they’re changing it,” he said. “There’s been some issues with some of the existing quality of the sign. It’s a back lit LED illumination. The letters themselves won’t be lit.”