Readers of all ages gathered at the Denison Public Library Saturday morning for the beginning of the “Libraries Rock” summer reading challenge.

Things started off with a presentation by science entertainer Dangerous Edison of some cool science-related entertainment and then the fun switched into high gear with people signing up for the reading challenge and spinning the prize wheel to see whether they could snag a prize.

Two people anxious to get their summer of reading started were Grace Alison Logan and her sister Haley Dawn Logan. They said they enjoyed making their own buttons at the library’s button-making station and were looking forward to reading lots of books. Haley Dawn Logan thought she might make it through at least 10 books this summer, but her sister had a much bigger number in mind.

“Fifty-eight hundred,” Grace Alison Logan said and then laughed.

Her mom, Brooke Logan, laughed too, and said they might not get to that many.

“It’s good to have interaction with the community and it’s just a really good experience to have people who pour their hearts into kids, especially for people who can’t afford everything and buy a million jillion books,” Brooke Logan said. “The library is just a really good resource.”

Seeing the mix of people who came in to help kick off the summer program was exciting for the library staff, including Library Director Kimberly Bowen.

Bowen said the library has really stepped up its game this year to make the summer reading program all inclusive and has activities and programs aimed at people of all ages and interests. This year’s program is called “Libraries Rock,” so a great many of the programs center around music in some form. Saturday there were musicians there to provide music for those who visited the library.

“In the past, we have focused more on the younger children,” Bowen said. “So this year we really wanted this to offer something for everybody. We have programs for teens, children and adults.”

She said the reading challenge is set up so adults read three books and attend two programs to complete it. The children read 1,000 minutes and attend two programs in order to complete the challenge.

“Once they have completed the challenge, then they are entered into a drawing and we have a lot of neat prizes, including some guitars, lap harps, ukuleles and gift cards for guitar lessons,” Bowen said.

In addition, the library also has some mats that roll out to become keyboards.

“Throughout the program there are mile markers that they can achieve and that gets them the chance to spin the prize wheel,” Bowen said. “(We’re) just really trying to rejuvenate that interest in and love of reading.”

Adult Services Program Coordinator Zoe May said some of the adult programs will include presentations of films like “Oklahoma” and “West Side Story,” as well as classes on classical music and opera.

“We are also going to have some fun things like a fairy garden craft class and knitting class as well,” May said.

The fun kicked off Saturday but will continue through July. For dates and times, see the library website at or on social media at or