Officials with State Farm are looking for Texoma nonprofits and charitable causes to apply for its Neighborhood Assist grant program. The grant program, which is now in its seventh year, has issued $25,000 grants to more than 200 organizations, but never to one in the region, officials said.

“Last year, the great state of Texas only had one winner,” State Farm Public Affairs Specialist Gina Wilken. “Can you believe that? All of the amazing nonprofits that do work for our Texans and only one won out of the top 40.”

Wilken said the grant program offers up to 40, $25,000 grants to causes and organizations aimed at safety, community development and education. Last year six applicants from Texas, including one in Paris, made it through the first phase of selection, but only one based in Austin ultimately was awarded the grant.

Wilken attributed this to a lack of communication with area nonprofits and their supporters.

“There wasn’t one single nonprofit from the Sherman/Denison area that made it to the top 200 last year. Local nonprofits can’t win if they don’t apply — and they won’t apply unless they know about the program,” she said. “We are trying to promote this because it is a great opportunity and so few of our nonprofits know about it.”

Wilken said community members can nominate causes and organizations starting on June 6 through June 15. However, Wilken said the nomination phase could end earlier if 2,000 submissions are submitted before the deadline.

Once the nomination phase is completed, Wilken said 200 causes will be selected to go on to a second phase in August that will allow members of the individual communities to vote on which 40 causes should get the grants.