Walk into any home in Grayson County and you are likely to find white everywhere. If not white, then grey. However, this trend, which has grown in popularity over the last few years, may finally be on its way out.

Benjamin Moore Paints’ 2018 color of the year announcement did much to perpetuate this idea. Caliente AF-290 is a bold red that embodies warmth and energy. Last year’s choice, Shadow, was a deep purple that was much darker in nature, while 2016’s Simply White kept in line with clean white and grey trends.

Benjamin Moore employs designers whose job it is to travel the world in search of the next big thing. From Paris to Washington, designers seek inspiration from fashion and architecture. Each year, the chosen color helps guide homeowners and designers alike to manifest global beauty within a local space.

Robert’s Decorator Supply in Sherman has aided local homeowners in this quest for beauty since 1966. Owner Mike Goolsby explains colors like Caliente are making their way to Grayson County faster than ever thanks to social media.

“It’s much quicker than it used to be,” Goolsby says. “It used to be, we would lag a year or two behind. But we should see these new colors coming to the area by the middle of the year.”

Social media provides design trends to local homeowners with the touch of a button. Not only does the internet make trends more easily accessible, but also more easy to share. When one homeowner shares a photo of their vibrant red throw rug on social media, friends and family may feel empowered to add color to their own homes.

“For me, I like a home to tell a story,” Gilbert says. “I’m very traditional. I would assume some people would say that’s southern, but I like people to walk in to my house and it show something about my personality and our family. Color is a good way to express that.”

Gilbert’s home features blue paint with grey undertones in the living room and a complimentary assortment of warm fabrics and furniture. Her kitchen’s white cabinetry is accented by cheery cobalt blue countertops. The dining room is decorated in a classical fashion with tasteful patterned wallpaper and rich wooden furniture. Although each room has a slightly different theme and accompanying feeling, the flow from room to room seems natural.

Gilbert explained the color within her own home expresses her family’s brightness and individuality. She cautioned color can be somewhat difficult to work with for those who lack experience matching shades and patterns.

“That’s the biggest drawback,” Gilbert says. “I think that’s why most people don’t use color.”

Even Gilbert’s husband was a bit overwhelmed when he first walked into their freshly painted home.

“It was a little overwhelming to him,” Gilbert says. “But then you bring in your fabrics and the textures and that kind of pulls it all together.”

For those that find themselves overwhelmed, Gilbert recommends starting small.

“If there is a pillow or piece of furniture that you like the color of, start with that,” Gilbert says. “Or you can start with one wall or one room and go from there. It’s just paint — you can always paint over it. If you invest in a couch, you are kind of stuck with that for a while. But if you invest in paint, you can just paint over it.”

Once a homeowner identifies a color, they can bring in the item they wish to have color matched to any paint supply store. Goolsby explains much of their business involves color matching.

“Paint stores can make anything now,” Goolsby says. “The colors can change based on new bedspreads or paintings. Things can be done quickly. We have an interior decorator on staff that can meet with anyone to go over any colors.”

Paint stores will also provide samples that can be tested within a home to aid in assessing compatibility between colors. Gilbert adds this can help homeowners view the paint in different lighting as well.

“Get samples and paint them on your wall and look at them during different times of the day,” Gilbert says. “They will change. Red is one of the hardest colors to use. It may look like one color in the morning and look completely different in the evening.”

With different people living in the same house, there are bound to be times when tastes clash. Gilbert explained their family is no exception. Her son wanted to paint his room black. Gilbert suggested a compromise instead.

“We settled on a dark grey,” Gilbert says. “It took me four or five times because a lot of purple came out one time and a lot of green came out another time. I do think black is dramatic but it is also hard to cover up. I’ve always said I wanted a deep purple wall, like an eggplant color in a dining room or something. Black can be good but maybe not a whole room — maybe an accent wall.”

Adding bold colors to a home may be intimidating at first, but by starting small with a few accent pillows or a single wall, homeowners can inch their way into a bright new future.