A Facebook post from the Oklahoma Game Wardens says that one lucky fisherman reeled in a huge catch over the weekend on Lake Texoma.

Tim Butler and some friends were fishing near the town of McBride, Oklahoma when he set out several poles to catch some catfish. He noticed one had a nibble and picked it up.

“When the hook was set the fight was on,” the post says.

Butler reported that the fish, later identified as an alligator gar, stripped all of his line from his reel twice before he was able to haul it in. He gave his buddy Canton Stafford credit for helping him get the monster, 6-foot-2-inch by 30.5 inches wide fish out of the water.

Oklahoma Game Warden Trey Hale said the fish was probably between 12 and 20 years old. He said the fish was a good sized catch but they do grow larger than that in Texoma.

Hale said people need not worry about the giants swimming in the lake as they are not all aggressive and feed on bait fish and other fish.

He said they do make really good “table fare” so the fishermen who caught this one were likely to have had a nice meal for their efforts.