Sherman Police said a traffic stop led to the discovery $250,000 in marijuana products and two arrests last week.

Sgt. Brett Mullen said Benjamin Renfro, 29, was initially pulled over by officers on May 25 as part of a narcotics investigation and was allegedly found carrying two ounces of marijuana. Mullen said information obtained through the traffic stop led officers to seek and secure a search warrant for a residence in the 900 block of South Rusk Street. Upon their execution of the search warrant, Mullen said officers discovered 50 pounds of marijuana products, two firearms and $2,000 in cash inside the home. Renfro was arrested for possession of two ounces of marijuana. Shiloh Hamilton, 33, was found at the home and was arrested for possession of between 5 and 50 pounds of marijuana.

“We had your basic marijuana, and then marijuana wax, which is also known as a ‘dab,’” Mullen said of the items seized. “That’s a very concentrated cannabis product, so it’s very potent. Also listed are marijuana Jell-O shots, some THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) pills and two plants.”

THC is the principal psychoactive compound found in cannabis. Once extracted from the marijuana plant — typically as an oil or solid — THC is often used in edible products or as a concentrated substance which can be smoked or ingested.

Mullen said he did not immediately know whether Hamilton and Renfro intended to sell or distribute the marijuana products, but said, “the amount they had would be considered more than what’s usually for personal use.”

Both Hamilton and Renfro were booked into the Grayson County Jail on May 25, but were released the following day after posting $10,000 bond and $1,000 bond, respectively. Mullen said additional charges would be filed against the pair, but said he could not discuss specific charges due to the ongoing investigation. It was unclear whether Hamilton or Renfro had obtained an attorney for representation.

“Any time we get any drugs off the street, it’s a good thing,” Mullen said. “But to seize this amount, it is quite an accomplishment.”