Eddie Parrott is providing the musical entertainment for this year’s Best of Texoma gala, but the DJ leads a double life as a public safety officer and has merged his love of the two fields to create an entertainment business that champions support for first responders and military members.

“I’ve always been a fan of music, singing, karaoke nights and things like that,” Parrott said. “I really admired DJ work and just thought it would be something I could do to make a little money and have fun while I was doing it.”

Parrott said he first dove into the DJ business three years ago when he started Thin Blue Line Entertainment, but had little idea of how to proceed. He said a mentor in the business showed him how to get set up with the necessary equipment and, since then, he has worked his way up the local ladder of entertainers.

The DJ said he finds success by working closely with his clients and can better tailor his selection to their respective events and musical tastes. Staying up to date with the Billboard Top 40 always helps him stay current, Parrot said, but he also said there’s plenty of value in playing the classics like the Village People hit “YMCA” and Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.”

Parrott currently works as a public safety officer for the UT Southwestern Medical Center system — a position he has held for the last 14 years — and provides security and assistance at the complex’s hospitals, clinics and education facilities.

“I always had a passion for law enforcement and wanted to be a part of that community where it made things that much safer for people,” Parrott said.

But before he became a public safety officer, Parrot said seeing his father’s and grandfather’s military experience led him to appreciate their and others’ service.

“My dad was in the Air Force and so was my grandfather,” Parrott said. “Growing up with that kind of instilled in me that I always needed to support the men and women of our military. I wanted to combine that with my respect for law enforcement and first responders in my business.”

Parrott offers special discounts to current and former military service members, police officers and first responders. But no matter who his clients are, Parrott said he always tries to make sure he hits the right notes with his music and timing.

“I’m in charge of keeping everybody going,” Parrott said. “If I don’t have the right music playing, people might start saying, ‘Man, this is a boring party.’ But, if I’ve got the right music going, so many people have a good time. I think I do a pretty good job of making that happen.”