After Gov. Greg Abbott appointed former Denison Mayor Robert Brady as the presiding officer and chairman of the Grayson County Regional Mobility Authority earlier this month, the Grayson County Commissioners Court made it official Tuesday, by receiving the appointment and swearing Brady in. The commissioners then added former RMA Chairman Clyde Siebman back to the RMA board.

Brady’s appointment was necessary after Siebman’s departure from the position last year to serve as chairman of the Red River Compact Commission. In September, Grayson County Judge Bill Magers recommended that Abbott formally appoint Brady as the chair of the RMA and Brady has served in the chairman role unofficially since then.

“The regional mobility authority is a state-mandated organization that allows us to do a lot of things in Grayson County,” Magers said after he gave Brady the oath of office. “One of the things we can do is we have a tolling authority, which unlike our neighbors to the south, the tolls that will eventually be generated by the RMA will stay in Grayson County for use in Grayson County.”

Magers then explained that historically, the gubernatorial appointee is a suggestion by the county judge and then the commissioners have traditionally appointed one of the other board members. He then asked Precinct 4 Commissioner Bart Lawrence for a nominee for the board and Lawrence motioned to appoint Siebman. That motion was approved unanimously by the commissioners and Magers then swore in Siebman to his new position.

“Siebman was the former chair of the RMA and then was nominated by the governor to chair another committee, the Red River Authority,” Magers said. “You can’t serve in two chairmanships, so he vacated that position. As of now the RMA is back, fully staffed and we’re ready to go.”

Earlier this month, Brady said he wanted to focus his efforts on preparing for the growth that is expected to be coming toward Grayson County in the coming years. While the RMA’s focus recently has been on North Texas Regional Airport — Perrin Field, Brady said the RMA will have a hand in other regional projects, including some roadway improvements and work on the Grayson County Toll Road project.

Herald Democrat report Michael Hutchins contributed to this article.