Motorists traveling from Sherman between Bonham on U.S. Highway 82 will soon see a 15 mph jump in the speed limit on a portion of that roadway.

The Sherman City Council approved an ordinance Monday that will increase the speed limit on Hwy. 82 to 75 mph for the easternmost 2.537 miles of the roadway to the city limits at the request of the Texas Department of Transportation.

“This past year, TxDOT completed a lane extension project on the U.S. (Hwy.) 82 headed east toward Bonham,” Director of Engineering Clint Philpott said. “After that was complete, they did a state-required traffic study for all of (Hwy.) 82 within the city limits of Sherman. That study came back we’re looking at approval to change the proposed speed limit to 75 everywhere except approximately between Travis Street and Texoma Parkway. That corridor will only be 70 mph.”

The full ordinance, which was approved following a public hearing during which no one came forward to speak, sets the speed limits as 75 mph for the 5.171 miles east of the west city boundary. The speed limit will then decrease to 70 mph for 1.375 around the roadway’s crossing under U.S. Highway 75 before resuming the 75 mph threshold for the 2.537 miles extending west from the city’s easternmost boundary.

The corridor around Hwy. 75 that will have a 70 mph speed limit, currently has that speed limit, though the ordinance approved Monday decreases the size of it. The ordinance also states that any person found guilty of violating the provisions of the speed limit will be charged with a misdemeanor and punished with a fine of not more than $500.

Following the completion of newly constructed lanes along Hwy. 82, TxDOT completed an engineering and traffic study and survey in order to determine the maximum reasonable speeds for the highway. Following that study, TxDOT sent the speed limit change request to the city earlier this month.

“Our District Traffic Office has received approval from Austin on the changes in speed limits due to newly constructed lanes,” Traffic Engineer Darius Samuels wrote in a letter to City Manager Robby Hefton. “Please present the proposed speed zoning plan to the city council for their review and passage of the required ordinance.”

The new speed limit replaces a preview ordinance approved by the council in February 2013. That ordinance divided the 9.083 miles of Hwy. 82 in the city limits up to 75 mph from the west city limits for 3.818 miles, 70 mph for the 3.389 miles around its crossing of Hwy. 75 and 60 mph for the 1.876 miles from the east city limit to the west.