Leaders of the Pottsboro High School boys’ golf team confirmed the death of sophomore teammate Nathan Halfmann after he reportedly fell into the waters of Lake Texoma on Saturday evening. Halfmann’s death come just days after the golf team won its first Class 3A State Championship title in Austin.

“He was genuinely just a really, really great kid,” Cardinals Head Boys Golf coach Greg Nix said Monday.

Game wardens with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, whom other law enforcement agencies said were overseeing the investigation, did not immediately return a call seeking comment Monday. But Nix said he understood that Halfmann, 16, and his fellow teammates had spent Saturday playing golf together before they began swimming in Lake Texoma near a marina along Texoma Harbor Drive in Pottsboro. The coach said Halfmann was on a raft when he fell in the water.

“Early reports are that he had a heart condition and he kind of collapsed, went under and just never resurfaced,” Nix said. “From what I understand, he was just five or 10 feet from the ladder coming out of the water.”

Pottsboro Independent School District Superintendent Kevin Matthews confirmed the death of a district student but declined to provide additional details

“We’ve got grief counselors all week here to help our students and staff members,” Matthews said.

Nix said Halfmann was one of the youngest members of the tightly-knit golf team and that he was always concerned about the well being of his teammates. Halfmann was also on the school’s basketball team, which Nix also coached.

“The outpouring of support today has been kind of overwhelming when you see how many kids that he was close with,” Nix said.

A memorial service for Halfmann will be held Wednesday at 3 p.m. at Pottsboro High School, Nix said.