Gov. Greg Abbott officially appointed former Denison Mayor Robert Brady as the presiding officer and chairman of the Grayson County Regional Mobility Authority last week. The decision comes following Clyde Siebman’s departure from the position last year in order to chair the Red River Compact Commission in March 2017.

In September, Grayson County Judge Bill Magers recommended that Abbott formally appoint Brady as the chair of the RMA. Since that time, Brady has served in the chairman role unofficially.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do and a lot on our plates, but we have some good guys here on the board,” Brady said.

Brady attributed the delays to several issues that rose to the forefront last year. Among those was the arrival of Hurricane Harvey in late August and the special legislative session that was called by the governor.

For his part, Brady said he was surprised by the announcement and was still waiting for information from the Texas Secretary of State regarding the position.

With his appointment, Brady said he wants to focus his efforts on preparing for the growth that is expected to be coming toward Grayson County in the coming years. While the RMA’s focus recently has been on North Texas Regional Airport — Perrin Field, Brady said the RMA will have a hand in other regional projects, including some roadway improvements and work on the Grayson County Toll Road project.

Another ongoing project is the negotiations with Texas Aviation Partners for its management services at NTRA. Brady said there will likely be action when the RMA meets again on May 17.

The other task at hand will be filling the vacancy left by Siebman, Brady said. As he believes that seat is appointed by Grayson County Commissioner Bart Lawrence, Brady said he plans to work with him on finding a suitable replacement.