Officials with the city of Denison said the method to resolve a tie following Saturday’s special election for a city council seat will be determined after an automatic recount next week. The city issued a press release Tuesday giving additional details on how the tie will be resolved.

The tie was called on Monday once the last of the mail in ballots in the race for Denison City Council Place 6 were counted by Grayson County election officials. Once the final votes were tallied, it was determined that both Rayce “Coach” Guess and Brian Hander had received 219 votes, putting them in a tie for second place in the race behind Charles Shearer’s 258 votes.

The tie breaker will be used if a recount of the votes on Tuesday affirms the tie vote. The tie breaker will be used to determine who will go on to face Charles Shearer in a runoff election on June 16.

In the event of a tie, Texas election code calls for the candidates to “draw lots” to determine the winner, but does not give specific instructions on how, or what form this would come in. In previous years, other cities have used methods including the flip of a coin or drawing of names to determine the winner of a race. Late last year, a tie vote for a seat in Virginia’s House of Delegates was ultimately resolved by drawing a name from a bowl.

The recount will be Tuesday following the city council’s canvassing of the election results during a special meeting Monday night.