The National Weather Service said temperatures in the Texoma region could near 90 degrees this week, before rain chances and cooler daytime highs return on Sunday.

NWS Meteorologist Bianca Villanueva, of the agency’s Fort Worth field office, said mostly sunny skies and warming weather will take temperatures into the mid- and upper-80s through Saturday. Tuesday’s forecast boasts the week’s highest temperature at 89 degrees.

“There’s an upper level system of high pressure that’s bringing this period of warmer and drier weather,” Villanueva said. “The area of low pressure from last week has shifted off to the north and east. Now, it’s looking like most of Texas is going to be pretty dry.”

Villanueva said, to her knowledge, the North Texas region saw its last 90-degree day in either October or November of last year, but the return of such warmth is typical in May.

“Normally, we hit the 90s toward the later part of the month of May,” Villanueva said. “It’s still within the normal range, but it’s slightly above average for now. By June, we’ll start to see temperatures enter the mid-90s almost every day. It’s difficult to say when we might see the first 100 degree day, but we can expect temperatures to gradually increase as we head into summer.”

The NWS meteorologist said Texoma residents could also expect to see gradually-increasing winds throughout the week.

“We’ll pretty much see south winds at a minimum of five to 15 mph,” Villanueava said. “But winds will pick up a little bit Friday, almost hedging toward 20 to 25 mph. Gusts may even reach up to 30 mph.”

Overnight lows will remain in the mid- to upper-60s this week. Increasing cloud cover is expected by Friday, but Villanueva said a 30 percent chance of rain and thunderstorms and slightly cooler temperatures won’t visit the area until the end of the weekend.

“We will see a weak cold front and that’s why we’re getting those rain chances on Sunday,” Villanueava said. “So, the temperatures will drop back down in between the upper 70s and low 80s.”

Villanueva said those with plans to celebrate Mother’s Day outdoors should keep an eye on the weather, but the week’s reasonable warmth and clear skies would provide many other opportunities for outdoor activities.

“It’s a great week to do your yard work outside,” Villanueva said. “Just enjoy the weather while it’s not Texas-summer hot.”