TOM BEAN — After the conclusion of Saturday’s election, preliminary election results show that residents of the city of Tom Bean have voted to allow the legal sale of all alcoholic beverages for off-premise consumption only.

The vote was passed with 72 percent of the votes. A total of 108 people voted with 78 for the proposition that will allow the sale of liquor in the city and 30 against. Restaurants will still be restricted from selling alcoholic beverages.

“The city of Tom Bean has spoken, ” Mayor Sherry Howard said. “We will be able to bring new businesses into the city of Tom Bean. With the addition of the sales tax on the alcoholic beverages, as well as several matching grants, we will be able to get a new city park.”

Also, the city of Tom Bean will see some returning city officials as well as some new ones.

Running uncontested, Howard will return to the city for another two-year mayoral term. Mike Upchurch will hold a city council seat for a one-year unexpired term. He also ran unopposed.

Receiving the most votes in the city council race was Daniel Harrison with 34 percent of the votes. Fifty-two people voted for Harrison. All receiving less than 25 percent of the votes were Aaron Marshall, Brooke Toon and Lonnie M. Jones, who were each within five votes of each other. Of the three, Marshall received the most votes with 36. Toon had 33 votes and Jones had 31 votes.

Final election results are pending mail ballot tabulations on Monday.

“I told those running that we will not have the official results until Monday so they will have to sit on pins and needles until then,” Howard said. “It will definitely be a tough race there.”