Nearly one year after Devin Wayne Owens was found shot in the face outside a Denison bar, the trial of the man accused of shooting him was pushed back to August.

Brandon Jeffery was slated for trial on May 21 in the 59th state District Court, but that changed Thursday. A year ago, Owens was rushed to a local hospital and died from gunshot injuries.

Reports from the time of the incident said Jeffery was allegedly playing with a handgun when the shooting happened in the parking lot of Tupelo Honey Bar and Grill on East Woodard Street in Denison. A witness told police that Jeffery then fled the scene.

Jeffery was indicted in August on charges of murder and manslaughter. The indictments are formal charges and not an indication of guilt. Court records show the May trial was canceled by request. They also show that Jeffery received a new attorney, Joe N. Smith, in January after being declared indigent. He had previously been represented by Jason Butscher.

The new trial date is set for Aug. 20.