A 3-year-old girl sustained minor injuries at the Sherman Walmart last weekend after she grabbed a box of laundry detergent and was cut by a razor blade which her parents believe was placed inside the product’s packaging on purpose.

Jonathon O’Roark said he and his family traveled from their home in Antlers, Okla. to the Sherman Walmart last Saturday for a regular grocery shopping trip. O’Roark said his family was walking down an aisle when his daughter Olivia grabbed the box of detergent they had placed in their cart and was cut on her fingertips. After determining that the blood was not from one his daughters occasional nose bleeds, O’Roark said he turned his attention to the items in his cart.

“I looked down at the box of detergent, and right underneath where the handle is, there was a razor blade pushed into the cardboard,” O’Roark said.

Following the discovery, O’Roark said he and his wife notified store staff.

“We got a hold of the manager and some people to come and look at it,” O’Roark said Monday. “They did everything — what I would consider — the right way. They brought us bandages, antiseptic and cleaned it up. They said they’d get back in contact with us and actually called my wife today about it today. They said they’d been looking at cameras trying to figure out who might have done it and how it might have happened.

O’Roark said staff members filed an internal incident report and also showed the family the blades on box cutters used by Walmart employees, which he said did not match the one found in the detergent packaging.

Walmart did not confirm O’Roark’s statements about the response of store staff, but offered the following emailed statement.

“We’re grateful the child was not seriously hurt,” the statement read. “We take the security of everyone in our stores seriously and have a number of procedures in place intended to help keep our customers and associates safe.”

Sherman Police Department Sgt. Brett Mullen said the agency was aware of the incident, but, as of Wednesday afternoon, had not been asked by the O’Roark family or Walmart to investigate the matter. O’Roark said because his daughter sustained only minor cuts to her fingers, he didn’t feel it necessary to file a report with police.

“It didn’t seem overly serious,” O’Roark said. “It’s not like it was life-threatening or anything like that.”

O’Roark said he didn’t believe any Walmart staff were responsible for leaving the razor blade in the packaging, but rather that it was someone who took a prank too far.

“It’s just frustrating that people are stupid like that and want to set other people up to get hurt,” O’Roark said.