A round of midweek showers and storms is expected to roll through the Texoma area beginning Wednesday, bringing with it the possibility of severe weather and slightly cooler temperatures.

“Rain chances will start to go up during the day Wednesday,” National Weather Service Meteorologist Jason Dunn, of the agency’s Fort Worth field office said. “But the best chances, across the area, will be Wednesday night and into Thursday, which will be our most active day.”

Dunn explained that a seasonal low-pressure system sweeping across the country is expected to collide with warm moist air traveling north from the Gulf of Mexico, creating atmospheric volatility and favorable conditions for rain and storms.

“We’ve got a big trough coming in from the west, which is typical for this time of year,” Dunn said. “It will take a couple of days to travel across the (Great) Plains, so that’s where we expect to see storms. That will slowly spread east Wednesday night and through Thursday.”

The meteorologist said while Texoma likely won’t see any high rainfall totals from the showers, storms can be unpredictable and so too can the results.

“I would say through Friday morning, the area might be looking at around an inch total,” Dunn said. “But that could be a lot of heavier if a line of storms sets up over the area or kind of stall out.”

Dunn said the arriving front will also bring cooler temperatures, but those who venture outside won’t feel much of a change.

“It’s not really going to be too noticeable,” Dun said. “We’ll be in the lower 80s Wednesday, right around 80 (degrees) on Thursday and then Friday we might see the upper 70s. It’s not a big blast of cold air. The front itself is probably going to get hung up somewhere over North Texas, so you could see a difference of a few degrees on either side of that.”

With spring storms likely to persist through the season, Dunn said those who call Texoma home should consider assembling a storm-preparedness kit.

“That might include a first aid kit, medications, flashlights, batteries, and a way to get weather information,” Dunn said. “Everybody uses their phones to get those weather updates, but sometimes you lose power or cell towers get knocked out, so make sure you have a weather radio or some other way to get your information.”

Dunn said though Wednesday’s and Thursday’s showers were largely expected to remain just that, the possibility of severe weather remains a constant consideration this time of year and should not be overlooked.

“It’s spring, so everything is on the table as far as severe weather goes, Dunn said.

Daytime temperatures are expected to climb back into the low 80s by the weekend and though skies will likely be cloudy, Dunn said the chance for rain on Saturday and Sunday will remain below 20 percent.