Board members and staff from the Texoma Health Foundation recently presented Grayson College President Jeremy McMillen THF’s first Community Champion Award.

The award honors an exemplary leader making a meaningful impact in the lives of residents living in THF’s four-county service area through community engagement, collaborative partnerships and innovation.

“The work that we do is possible due to leaders like Dr. McMillen who do more than expected and are investing their time and energy in helping to create change,” THF CEO Michelle Lemming said. “Dr. McMillen’s efforts in collaboration on mental health, bringing Life Activated to Grayson College, the launch of the THF Park, Okay to Say, the Texoma Behavioral Health Leadership Team and the work in developing the next generation of health care providers is making a significance difference in our community.”

In addition to the award, McMillen received a $1,000 charitable gift to be granted in his name to a non-profit charity of his choice whose programs and services align with THF’s health and wellness mission, and whose work supports residents in THF’s service area.

Formed in 2007 with a mission to improve the health of residents in its four county service area in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma, THF operates direct programs, family endowments and awards grants to area nonprofits with a priority on access to health care services and nursing.