Sherman Police arrested a 17-year-old Sunday after he allegedly attempted to evade officers both in a stolen vehicle and on foot.

Sgt. Brett Mullen said the vehicle had previously been reported to the department as stolen and an officer initiated a traffic stop against the driver and a passenger when the vehicle was spotted in the 600 block of North Cleveland Avenue. It was unclear what time the incident occurred.

“The officer located the stolen vehicle and the vehicle fled for a short distance before stopping,” Mullen said. “At that point, the occupants exited the vehicle and fled on foot.”

Mullen said the driver evaded officers for two blocks, before he and the passenger ditched the car and ran. The Sherman Police sergeant said the driver was taken into custody and charged with evasion and theft greater than $2,500 but less than $30,oo0. The passenger escaped and remained at large Monday morning.

Mullen said any time motorists find themselves in a traffic stop, they should safely exit the roadway as soon as possible, stay calm and comply with officers’ lawful commands.

“Best thing for you to do is pull over in a location that is both safe for them and the officer,” Mullen said. “Remain in the car, wait for the officer to approach and follow directions.”