The Denison Police Department will accept expired and unused medications on Saturday as part of the Drug Enforcement Agency’s National Drug Take Back program.

The collection event will be held at the Senior Citizens Center in Downtown Denison from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Prohibited items include liquid medications, syringes, needles and illegal street drugs. All medications will be handed over to the DEA and destroyed.

“You can just drive through and drop them off,” Lt. Mike Eppler said. “You don’t even need to get out of the car.”

Eppler said while unwanted and outdated medications usually end up in bathroom wastebaskets and flushed down toilets, such disposal methods can lead to contamination.

“The best option is to bring it to these Drug Take Back events,” Eppler said. “Putting in the water system is not a good option and just throwing it in the trash is not a good option.”

Eppler said ridding one’s cabinets of unused and unsafe medications reduces the likelihood of accidental overdoses, illicit sales, and substance abuse.

“It lowers the risk of children getting into medication,” Eppler said. “And it’s just less likely to get into the hands of somebody who doesn’t have any business having it.”

The Senior Citizens Center is located at 531 West Chestnut Street. For additional information, call the Denison Police Department at 903-465-2422.