Denison Police have opened a burglary investigation after nearly $14,000 worth of power and lawn-care tools were stolen from a building last weekend.

Lt. Mike Eppler said the burglary occurred in the 1000 block of North Austin Avenue at a building which he described as possibly vacant and for sale. Eppler said the last person with authorization to use the building left Saturday at 5 p.m. and returned Monday afternoon to discover a host of tools, valued at $13,700, missing.

“They got weedeaters, mowers, a pole saw, chainsaws, drills, bits and a vacuum cleaner,” Eppler said. “It was just a bunch of stuff.”

Eppler said it was unclear exactly when the burglary occurred or how many suspects took part. The Denison Police lieutenant said investigators did not have a suspect or vehicle description as of Wednesday, but the building may have been accessed through a lockbox kept on an exterior door

“They said the key inside the (real estate) lockbox was missing,” Eppler said, adding that there was no mention of forced entry on the department’s incident report.

Eppler said stolen power tools are typically taken to pawn shops or sold online as a way for thieves to get cash.

“They trade them for narcotics sometimes, too,” Eppler said. “Maybe they’ll keep them and use them, but that doesn’t happen much. Usually, they want to get rid of these things.”

If caught, Eppler said the suspect or suspects could be charged with felony burglary of a building. Eppler said the department did not have reason to believe that the weekend burglary was connected to the theft of more $12,000 worth of tools from a Denison Independent School District service building in March.

“If anybody has information, please contact the police department,” Eppler said. “Also, if anybody ever sees any suspicious activity in their area, please go ahead and let us know so we can come check it out.”

The Denison Police Department may be reached at 903-465-2422.