The Denison City Council recently approved a $166,200 contract with Teague Nall and Perkins for engineering services for the drafting of a citywide water master plan. Here are three things to know about Denison’s upcoming water plan.

1. What it does

The master plan, which will take about six months to draft, will take an assessment and inventory of Denison’s various water lines throughout the city. Public Works Director Bobby Atteberry said the plan will help the city keep track of changes in the line, especially minor work that is conducted in house by the city.

With this plan, Atteberry said consultants with the engineering firm will also be able to enter water demands and uses into a software model to determine the adequate pipelines needed for current and future use.

2. Drafting the plan

Atteberry said the city last conducted a water master plan in 2013, adding that the standard is about every five years. In that time, Denison has seen significant growth particularly around Gateway Village and adjacent development.

Atteberry said this coincides with the drafting of the city’s comprehensive plan, which will outline future expected growth and land use. As such, Denison would like to revise its documents alongside the comprehensive plan, Atteberry said.

In addition to helping with the city’s comp plan, Atteberry said the data collected from the water master plan will also help with planned future projects, including the construction of a waterline between FM 691 and Loy Lake Road, as well as the relocation of Denison’s water tower at North Texas Regional Airport — Perrin Field.

3. Previous connections

Atteberry said the contract was not bid out as the engineering services did not require the city to do so. However, Atteberry said the city has extensive experience working with Teague Nall and Perkins on the majority of its municipal water projects, including the 2013 Water Master Plan. With this experience, Atteberry said he felt it was a benefit to Denison to use a firm that had a strong understanding of its water resources.