Grayson County Commissioners approved a plan Tuesday to honor former Sheriff Keith Gary with a bench on the courthouse lawn.

County Judge Bill Magers said the timing of the decision couldn’t have been better as Gary suffered a fall over the weekend, broke his hip and is currently in the hospital. Grayson County Republican Party Chairwoman Barbara Woodroof said the 48 inch long bench will be made of black granite with white lettering and will include the years Gary served as sheriff in Grayson County.

She gave the court a primer on Gary’s service to the county, including the facts that he served as Grayson County Sheriff from 1997 to 2016 and as U.S. Marshal for the Eastern District of Texas from 1969 to 1977 and then again from 1987 to 1994.

“The interruption in the (marshal service) was due to a change in the administration in D.C.,” Woodroof said.

She said during the time between his stints as marshal, Gary obtained his master’s degree in criminal justice and served as a federal probation officer.

“He also served his country in the Air Force in the early 1960s,” Woodroof said before noting that Gary also played a key role in the formation of the Children’s Advocacy Center in Grayson County.

Magers said he turned the matter of where they should put the bench over to Commissioner Phyllis James, who decided where to put it.

“Since it’s not the rose colored granite, we didn’t think it would go very good there in the circle,” James said. “There is a temporary bench that seems to get moved around out there that is right in front of the flagpole and we thought that would be an appropriate location as it sort of backs up to the Crepe Myrtles and and sort of backs up to (retired Grayson County Judge Horace) Groff’s place.”

In addition to approving the bench’s placement, the court also approved a final plat for D and M subdivision, a four-acre tract of land at the northeast corner of the intersection of Hayes Road and FM 697. Grayson County Engineer Clay Barnett told commissioners the owners were asking that the 50 foot building line along a state road required by the county be reduced to 25 feet. He said the owners were dedicating the required right-of-way of 55 feet and he recommended that the county approve the request.

Commissioners also approved a reduction in speed limit from 45 mph to 30 mph along Emily Lane in Precinct 1.