This year’s Circle of Success event was an evening of celebration and tradition, highlighting seven Sherman Independent School District students and seven teachers for their character, leadership and service. Sherman High School students were chosen by the Sherman Education Foundation through blind applications and charged with selecting an educator who has made an impact on their educational career.

“Every year, this evening continues to inspire each of us to dream the impossible, achieve at the highest levels, serve others before ourselves and celebrate some pretty incredible accomplishments,” Sherman ISD Superintendent David Hicks said. “What a powerful bond exists between great teachers and great students. We are very fortunate to have such dedicated teachers who believe in the unlimited potential of our students and who live each day to make a difference in each child’s life.”

The seven students provided a statement discussing why they chose the educator that inspired them.

Austin Bindel, a SHS senior, chose to honor SHS history teacher and coach, John Williams.

“I’ve been lucky to have had Coach Williams as a coach and as a classroom teacher,” Bindel said. “He has made a huge impact on me and is the reason I’m going to have the opportunity to play football in college. I know I can count on him for anything, and that means the world to me.”

Avery Kahl, a SHS senior, chose to recognize SHS history teacher, Anthony Hartman.

“Mr. Hartman inspires me to come into the classroom every day and be eager to learn,” Kahl said. “His love of teaching is always evident through his positivity. He never misses an opportunity to make his students smile. I aspire to find a career as passionate for me as Mr. Hartman’s passion is for educating.”

Alexis Jackman, a SHS junior, chose to honor SHS math teacher Steve Schutts.

“Mr. Schutts has the ability to keep his students interested in learning by encouraging interaction and expression,” Schutts said. “It is evident that he cares about the success of those he teaches and it is refreshing to have a teacher that is such a great example of not only pursuing what you love, but doing it to the best of your ability.”

Spencer Langton, a SHS senior, chose to recognize Fred Douglass Early Childhood Center Pre-K teacher Shann Schubert.

“Mrs. Schubert loves to teach and her cheerful, enthusiastic personality made learning a fun experience,” Langton said. “We conducted fun science experiments in Mrs. Schubert’s class and they helped me learn in a better way. She encouraged me to explore subjects that interested me and inspired me to always keep learning.”

Bethany O’Neal, a SHS senior, chose to honor SHS math teacher and drill team coach, Lauren Patton.

“Mrs. Patton and I have spent countless hours together between Drill Team practices, bus rides and performances,” O’Neal said. “She has taught me that it is always better to do the right thing, even if it is difficult. Being on Drill Team has been my favorite part of high school and I will always be grateful that I got to share it with her.”

Benjamin Reid, a SHS senior, chose SHS engineering and manufacturing teacher, Stephen Murray.

“I have learned so much from Mr. Murray,” Reid said. “He goes out of his way to teach what we need to know as well as real world skills he knows that we will need in the future. He will always be one of my favorite teachers because he cares so much about his students.”

Carly Weaver, a SHS senior, chose to honor SHS band director, James Smith.

“Mr. Smith is an amazing teacher, inspiring mentor, and good friend,” Weaver said. “He pushes me to reach my goals and holds me accountable. He cares about the student’s mental and physical well-being and demonstrates leadership, hard work and dedication. He has made a huge impact on me and I will be forever grateful.”