In addition to student and teacher recognition, Tuesday’s Sherman Education Foundation Circle of Success event also included the presentation of $64,675 to 12 Sherman Independent School District campuses in the form of 55 grants.

“Since our first Circle of Success event in 2001, each year we have invited teachers across our school district to submit grant money requests for funding consideration,” SEF trustee Ginger Nye said. “I want to emphasize that the teachers, the ones who are educating our students and working with them everyday, the ones who know what will make the greatest impact on their education and enhance the students’ experiences, are the ones who are making the requests.”

The teachers submit the grant proposals to their principal, who then reviews each one before submitting them to the SEF.

“These are projects that would not otherwise be eligible for funding because there is probably not enough money in the campus’ budget to cover it,” Nye said.

SEF has raised a total of $2.2 million since its inception. This money has gone to fund grants that have affected every SISD campus. The principal for each campus attended the event and spoke about what the grants mean for the students of Sherman ISD.

Dillingham Intermediate School

Dillingham received grant approval for a Dallas World Aquarium field trip, Music Instruction Resource subscription, TouchMath for special education and Turning Technologies clickers.

“Dillingham has benefited greatly over the years from the generosity of SEF,” Dillingham Principal Lowell Counce said. “Since the inception of the Circle of Success, Dillingham has received over $95,000 to fund over 60 innovative education projects. We have received grants that impact a variety of curriculums.”

Jefferson Elementary

Jefferson received grant approval for the Shelly Bean motivational author presentation, BrainPOP/BrainPOP Jr. online learning, DrumFit NexGen for Fitness, Heidi’s Songs music enhancements, Music Instruction Resource subscription, Perot Museum Family Science Night and the Puppets Don’t Bully Program.

“With the additional projects being funded this year, Jefferson Elementary has been the recepient of $96,000 since 2001,” Jefferson Principal Tammy MacDonald said. “One of the most popular new grants that has been funded for us is Perot Science Outreach program.”

Neblett Elementary

Neblett received grant approval for the Shelly Bean motivational author presentation, classroom set of ukuleles and storage rack, Dallas Museum of Art and Meyerson Experience, Music Instruction Resource subscription, PebbleGo Literacy & Learning and the Puppets Don’t Bully Program.

“This year, we have over six innovative programs that they are funding for us and we are very excited about that,” Neblett Principal Susan Taraba said. “Our campus has over 500 students. Over half of the projects funded will touch every student at Neblett. These projects will extend their education and we appreciate the support and generosity of the Sherman Education Foundation.”

Washington Elementary

Neblett received grant approval for the Dallas Museum of Art & Meyerson Experience, Mimio touchboard device for dyslexia, Music Instruction Resource subscription and a Refresh for Reading Intervention Lab.

“We have received funding for many educational projects from SEF over the years, which have affected thousands of students,” Washington Principal Amy Pesina said. “Last year you provided funds for active seating. When children are focused on remaining upright in the core chairs and balance cushings or bouncing their feet on the fidget bands, they are able to calm their nerves and helps their brain to organize information and remain focused. The impact has been tremendous. We experience less behavioral issues and they are able to stay focused for longer periods of time.”

Sory Elementary

Sory received grant approval for the BrainPOP, Jr. online learning, LEGO WeDo Robotics, Music Instruction Resource subscription, Puppets Don’t Bully Program and the Sci-Tech Discovery Center field trip

“When I first went to Sory, we were first opening and we didn’t have a whole lot,” Sory Principal Steven Traw said. “One of the things we got was $4,000 to get Orff instruments. Those things are used and we impact as many students as we can with them.”

Piner Middle School

Piner received grant approval for a Band Intonation Lab, Keron Jackson motivational presentation and TWIG Online Learning for science.

“I’ve seen the work of SEF over the years and it’s amazing,” Piner Principal Amy Porter said. “Piner has had over 71 projects since 2001. We are so excited about that. One of the things I noticed that we got for our campus is the Band Intonation Lab, which is really exciting. It is a great new technology where students can get feedback through an app on their phones or an iPad. It’s very innovative.”

Fairview Elementary

Fairview received grant approval for BrainPOP/BrainPOP, Jr. online learning, Clay for Art Development, Music Instruction Resource subscription, Osmo Genius Interactive Technology and the Puppets Don’t Bully Program.

“Several years ago, I started a mentoring program,” Fairview Principal Michelle Eackles said. “The biggest thing I wanted to do was to get a group of children and take them out to a college campus so they could see what college was all about. I was granted funds to bring a group of students to Austin College where the president allowed us to walk the campus and all of the students to go to the cafeteria to eat for free.”

Sherman High School

SHS received grant approval for catering enhancement for Culinary Arts, Sound Enhancement Technology for band, Native American Cultural Experience, technology in the classroom and verb activities for Spanish classrooms.

“We have five projects and they range a great deal,” SHS Principal Christopher Mogan said. “This is a wide range that supplements and enhances the different programs we have on our campus. By the time students have gotten to our high school, the majority of them have experienced an educational project funded by the Circle of Success.”

Wakefield Elementary

Wakefield received grant approval for the Shelly Bean motivational author presentation, Dallas Museum of Art and Meyerson Experience, Mimio Touchboard Device for dyslexia, Music Instruction Resource subscription and printmaking and sculpture lab materials.

“Over the years, Wakefield has been a beneficiary of $95,000, which has funded a total of 76 projects,” Wakefield Principal Eartha Linson said. “Two years ago, Wakefield’s art department was provided with a small ceramic kiln and every student created a ceramic version of our mascot. It was so popular that our teachers wanted to be a part of it.”

Fred Douglass Early Childhood Center

Fred Douglass received grant approval for the Dennis Lee Character-Building Production, Harber Wildlife Museum field trip, iPad Minis for the classroom, scooter boards for fitness and the Square Panda Phonics playset.

“One of the five projects that we have received this year is the Dennis Lee presentation,” Fred Douglass Principal Deloris Dowell said. “This is the sixth time that SEF has funded Dennis Lee for us. Mr. Lee is a public musician, puppeteer and award winning vintriliquist. He uses his talents to teach our youngest students all about how they are important, everyone matters and anyone can make a difference. We appreciate SEF helping us make a positive difference in the lives of our youngest children.”

Crutchfield Elementary

Crutchfield received grant approval for the Dallas World Aquarium Adventure, Elm Fork/UNT Habitat and Archaeology field trip, Music Instruction Resource subscription and the Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch Experience.

“Over the last 17 years, Crutchfield has been blessed with $137,866 to fund 78 innovative projects,” Crutchfield Principal Rhonda Johnson said. “The very first project we received funds for was a color laser printer. This year, our campus is receiving just under $5,000 to fund four projects. We love field trips. Many of our students never leave Grayson County. They’ve had the opportunity to have inspiring experiences. Thanks to the SEF, over 2,500 Crutchfield students have experienced adventures outside of Sherman.”

Perrin Learning Center

Perrin received grant approval for Camp Jolt Ropes and Hopes and Career Study on the Go.

“Perrin Learning Center is extremely unique in many ways,” Perrin Principal Jim May said. “Each of our students has a story. Our curriculum is accelerated and self-paced and we aren’t able to offer a lot of student activities. The grant projects that we are being awarded make an incredible impact on our students.”