The Denison City Council voted unanimously this week to appoint members to its new Historic Preservation Board, following the dissolution of the previous board last month. Monday’s action comes as city staff have taken efforts in recent months to streamline issues and inconsistencies with city code regarding historic preservation ordinances.

With Monday’s action, Linda Anderson, Tina Moon, Brandon Fisher, Joe Madden and John Akers, who all served on the previous board, will take seats on the new historic preservation board.

Previously, Planning and Zoning Manager Steven Doss said the city code had language regarding the historic preservation practices and board in two different chapters of the city code. The practices were discussed both in a chapter dedicated to historic preservation and a separate chapter on zoning code.

In addition to having some language duplicated, there were portions of the code that were inconsistent between versions. As an example, both versions had separate requirements for the board’s make up and membership.

March’s changes also moved the language establishing the board from its previous location in city code to chapter 2, which includes language on many of the other boards that operate within the city. As such, the board was briefly dissolved and reestablished, but needed a board to be appointed.

The city also launched a number of other changes to the board aimed at streamlining the process. Among these changes were allowing city staff to decide on several common items, including paint and signage that can be handled in house without the need of the board.

Additionally, the responsibilities of the board, which had recently been under the Main Street department, were transferred back to P&Z staff. Doss previously said this was designed to separate the Main Street director, who historically has served as a voice for downtown Denison businesses, from having to carry this duty.

With the recent changes to historic preservation, members will now serve based on calendar year rather than fiscal year. With these changes, Moon, Fisher and Madden will reach the end of their terms on Dec. 31, while Akers and Anderson will continue to serve until the end of 2019.