The Van Alstyne City Council honored its Police Chief Tim Barnes with a special award for his 25 years of service to the city. Barnes has been with the city longer than any other employee.

Mayor Pro Tem Teddie Ann Salmon presented Barnes with a plaque after mentioned his achievements over the years. Salmon said Barnes has more than 2,400 hours of law enforcement training and is a graduate of the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas.

Barnes has worked his way through all levels of peace officer licensing. He is certified as a crime prevention officer and as a homeowner’s insurance inspector and instructor.

Barnes said his longevity with the city, especially in his capacity as law enforcement, has allowed him to see positive changes in many people’s lives.

“Since I’ve been here, I’ve been able to touch people’s lives in a professional manner and see them go down the right path,” he said. “Many times, people have come back to me years later and said that my actions caused them to be the persons they are today.”

Barnes also called Van Alstyne a great community.

“People care about each other here, and it makes me proud to be with an organization so long to see such positive changes and growth,” he said. “I’m lucky that I work in a community that does support law enforcement, to watch the caring and compassion for the department. There’s never been a doubt in my mind about community support of this department.”

Always the law enforcement officer, Barnes asked to remind everyone that in this time of elections “it is a crime to remove signs from people’s yards without either the property owner’s or the candidate’s permission.”