The Texoma region is expected to see sunshine and unseasonably warm temperatures reaching into the 70s on Thursday, before a cold front brings the return of gray skies, gusty, cold air and the chance for rain this weekend.

“We’re talking 20, maybe even in some cases, 25 degrees above normal,” National Weather Service Meteorologist Lee Carlaw said from the agency’s Fort Worth field office. “In fact, we’ve even got some mid 80s expected for our more western counties.”

Carlaw explained that temperatures often rise quickly ahead of surging cold fronts, and are further fueled by the presence of clear skies. Carlaw said similar conditions will be present in the area.

“We’re really starting to see that battle with the resurging, warmer airs we start to get toward the end of February,” Carlaw said. “I guess Mother Nature is wanting to put up a fight with the intrusion of spring across the area. But that’s typically what happens this time of year, as we’ve got this lingering Arctic air to the north.”

The front will pave the way for significantly colder temperatures by Friday, which will be carried in by windy conditions and gusts ranging between 15 and 35 mph.

“Early Friday morning, probably before 6 a.m., the winds are going to sharply shift around from the north and that’s going to drive some cooler air into the region,” Carlaw said. “High temperatures are going to get into the upper 40s to near 50 degrees, but by the afternoon hours, they’ll be falling back into the low 40s.”

Along with the colder temperatures, Carlaw said Texoma will stand a significant chance of receiving rain at the start of the weekend, but a lack of atmospheric instability will largely rule out the possibility of storms.

“Chances will be highest in the morning on Saturday, probably near 70 to 80 percent and they’ll gradually taper down through the day and into the night,” Carlaw said.

Carlaw said temperatures on Saturday and Sunday are expected to make a modest climb back into the mid 50s and cloud cover will increase as well. And as the weekend winds down, Carlaw added that showers may return, too.

“By Sunday and Monday, the precipitation will start to go back up into the 20 percent range,” Carlaw said. “Looking father down the line, by Tuesday the chances get pretty high once again.”

Although the spring season officially begins on March 20, Carlaw said the variety of temperatures and weather conditions are indicative that the season is encroaching on Texoma

“We’ll have a couple more weeks of this where we’ll have on-and-off bouts of colder air moving in,” Carlaw said. “But you can see the general trends are toward a slow warm up across the region.”