The Sherman Police Department is inviting those in the market for a used car to attend a series of vehicle auctions it will host on Feb. 28.

“These are vehicles that have not just been seized or taken by the police department,” Sgt. Brett Mullen said. “These are also vehicles that are in possession of the wrecker companies. They have been deemed or declared abandoned as per the Texas Litter Abatement Act.”

The auctions will be held at Motor Masters at 9 a.m.; A-1 Towing and Tom’s Auto Body Center, both at 10 a.m.; Ellis Truck and Auto at 11 a.m.; and at Bob Utter Ford at 1 p.m.. More than 70 vehicles will be sold to the highest bidders and include sedans, coupes, pickups, sporty utility vehicles and more.

“All the money raised goes to the wrecker companies, but the PD (police department) does get a small portion from each vehicle sold for taking care of and facilitating the auction,” Mullen said.

No special documentation is needed in order to purchase the vehicles and prospective buyers will have the opportunity to inspect them before placing any bids.

“As for what form of payment is accepted, it may just depend on that particular wrecker — whether they want cash or debit or whatnot,” Mullen said. “So, it’s probably best if they go ahead and call that particular wrecker that’s auctioning the car that they’re interested in.”

For a complete list of available vehicles, visit and enter “for auction 02-28-18” in the search bar.

Motor Masters is located at 520 West Houston Street and can be reached at 903-893-7646. Tom’s Auto Body Center is located at 207 South Dewey Avenue and can be reached at 903-892-4904. A-1 Towing is located at 209 South Dewey Avenue and can be reached at 903-870-7744. Ellis Truck and Auto is located at 415 East Houston Street and can be reached at 903-893-1127. Bob Utter Ford is located at 4206 Texoma Parkway and can be reached at 903-892-3555.