Weeks after reappointing two members, the City Council recently filled two more spots on the city’s Keep Sherman Beautiful Commission. The new additions, leave just one seat vacant on the commission.

The council unanimously voted to appoint Stephanie Waitt and Trace Rossi to the commission during its most recent meeting. Deputy Mayor Pam Howeth made the motion to appoint the two new members, just as she had done for the reappointments last month. During its second January meeting of the month, the council reappointed Jessica Peters and Dusty Payne to new terms on the commission.

“If you know of someone who would like to help keep Sherman beautiful, please have them put their application in,” Howeth said last month.

In a document prepared for the council, city staff explained the commission promotes public interest in the improvement of the city’s environment, as well as overseeing programs in conjunction with businesses, citizens, industries and the government.

The terms of the commission’s other three members — Amanda Smith, Sarah Whitt and Zac Grantham — expire at the beginning of 2019.