The Comptroller of Public Accounts has released its 2017 audit for the Grayson Central Appraisal District and GCAD staff are pleased with the results.

GCAD received “Pass” ratings on all mandatory requirements and “Meets All” on the appraisal district activities scoring a 91 out of 91 on all audit review questions.

“Since central appraisal districts are subdivisions of the state, the Texas Comptroller’s Office performs an audit of appraisal district practices, procedures and methodology every two years,” Chief Appraiser Shawn Coker said in a prepared statement. “The findings of the audit could not have been any better, essentially we obtained a perfect score.”

The legislature enacted the Methods and Assistance Program and began testing appraisal districts in 2012 as a response to a call from taxpayers for appraisal districts to be audited on its methods and procedures. The areas of concern were how an individual appraisal district operated as well as the consistency from appraisal district to appraisal district. Central appraisal districts are broken up into one of the three tiers. GCAD is in the top tier and the requirements under the audit are more encompassing.

“We are always striving to maintain and improve our efficiency, communication and appraisal processes as we continue to grow,” Coker said. “This coupled with continual legislative changes and a booming local economy requires us to be proactive so we can stay ahead of our requirements.”

This is the second consecutive audit where GCAD has obtained a perfect score. Coker attributes these results to a well-educated staff of 31 employees, and a supportive board of directors. According to the Texas Property Tax Code, the board of directors cannot communicate with the chief appraiser or employees about the appraisal of property or they commit an offense under that code.

GCAD Board of Directors include Chairman Charlie Williams, Secretary Brett Graham, Ryan Johnson, Michael Baecht, Brad Morgan and Grayson County Tax Assessor-Collector Bruce Stidham as a non-voting ex-officio member.