Grayson County Commissioners approved no less than seven plats for property Tuesday. County Judge Bill Magers said it was a clear indication that the county is growing.

Magers laid most of the praise for the plats at the feet of Grayson County Engineer Clay Barnett, who accepted the praise though he wasn’t the only one getting the glory. Commissioners teased each other about which one had more plats in their precinct.

The commissioners, as a whole, approved final plats for Kelpie Addition, lots 2 and 3, Woods of Fossil Ridge, Chapel Creek Farms at Van Alstyne, Lots 1 and 2 of 921 Willy Vester Road Addition. They approved replats for Lot 2 of the Clay Addition, Lot 5 of the Briar Creek Subdivision, Lots 6 and 7 of Summer Hill Subdivision.

Commissioners also approved the sale of a two-acre tract of land in Denison.

In addition, Barnett gave the court an update on the county’s planning for future transportation needs. He told them about some upcoming dates and times for the county’s thoroughfare plan. Barnett said the project has a budget of about $300,000 that is made up of money from the county as well as the cities of Sherman and Denison. He said the project of drawing up the plan began back in July.

He said the county sent out a call for projects to the 16 cities in the county and expects to see those answers by Feb. 28. Magers said he can almost guarantee that there won’t be enough money to do all of the projects proposed by the cities.

However, he said, this is just a beginning point for the county as it tries to lay out a plan for improving existing roadways while laying the groundwork for any new ones that will be needed as the area continues to grow from the south.

Barnett said, on Feb. 21, the plan will be unveiled at Texas Department of Transportation’s local offices. He said that on March 7, the MPO’s Policy Board will meet and discuss the plan.