Grayson County Commissioner Bart Lawrence said his staff had to leave their road and bridge work Monday to make some repairs to 24 stop signs that were found cut down in Sherwood Shores.

Lawrence said the stop signs have street names at the top of them, so cutting them down not only left the possibility for a traffic accident, it could also prevent a fire department vehicle or ambulance from getting to someone who needs help.

“Cut them off and threw them into the ditch and left them and walked off,” Lawrence said of what happened.

He said that people think that GPS will help, but sometimes it doesn’t work and you have to have some street signs to know if you are even heading in the right direction with GPS.

Lawrence said he doesn’t know why anyone would want to cut the signs and then leave them there but he has an idea.

“We are assuming retaliation,” Lawrence said. “The (Grayson County) Sheriff’s Office has been working really hard out there to try to clean up some drug issues and we woke up yesterday morning to the news that 24 stop signs (had) been laid over.

He said if anyone has any information about what happened with the signs they are asked to call the authorities.

“That is putting a lot of people in danger out there,” Lawrence said of the crime.

Grayson County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Sarah Bigham said the crime is going to be a felony offense due to the number of signs damaged. She said the investigation into the incident is ongoing at this time and there are no witnesses. There are no suspects at this time.

Lawrence said his road and bridge crew were able to get the stop signs standing again but he said they are not as straight as they once were.