Denison Fire Rescue is currently accepting applications for a handful of dual firefighter and emergency medical technician positions within the department.

“We’ll have five openings as of Jan. 31,” Fire Marshal John Weda said. “We’ve had a few retirements and we’ve had a few people who have left to go on to other professions and other departments, as well.”

Weda said the department is using a host of platforms to spread the word about the openings, including social media, the Texas Commission on Fire Protection website, radio advertisements and the city of Denison’s online job listings. The department is looking for applicants who have already completed their necessary certifications.

“We’re a civil service department and we’re set up in a way where you’ve got to be certified as a firefighter,” Weda said. “So you have to have gone through the academy, passed all the testing and have completed your emergency medical technician basic (training). If you have those certifications, you can come test with us and as long as you’re between the ages of 18 and 35 (years old), you can come test with us.”

After nearly 21 years of service with Denison Fire Rescue himself, Weda said applicants who are hired on can expect work that is both challenging and rewarding.

“It’s a great career and Denison Fire Rescue is a great department,” Weda said. “It’s a small department and it can get you in touch with the community and allow you to give back to the community. You’ll often meet people on their worst days and you just try to make their worst day a little better. At the same time, you meet a lot of good people and you see a lot of good things.”

Denison Fire Rescue is accepting applications through Feb. 23. Applications can be picked up at 430 West Chestnut Street, downloaded through the city of Denison’s website, or requested by calling 903-464-4445. An exam study guide is also available for purchase through Denison’s website. The entry-level exam and physical agility test will be held at 9 a.m. on March 3. The exam will be administered at the SNAP Center, which is located at 531 West Chestnut Street. The physical test will be held at Denison High School, which is located at 4200 North State Highway 91.

For additional information, call 903-464-4445.