The preliminary results are in for the Point in Time count for 2018 in Grayson, Fannin and Cooke counties.

Texoma Homeless Coalition President Stephanie Chandler said there were 197 homeless people contacted during the counting period in the three counties.

She said four of those people were counted in Cooke County and two in Fannin County. The rest were counted in Grayson County. Of the Grayson County numbers, Chandler said, 88 were counted in shelters in Grayson County and 110 were counted on the streets.

Chandler stressed that the numbers will not be official until they are released by the Texas Homeless Network. She said those numbers do not include the totals submitted by area hospitals and jails.

The numbers are important, Chandler stressed, because they prove the number of homeless people in this area and can be used to apply for grant money to serve the homeless in this area.

At the training for the pit count, Chandler stressed to those who would be counting that the people who are being counted are not “them.” They are, she said, a part of “us.”

Homeless people are, she said, just people who have, in one way or another, run into circumstances that have caused them to lose their home.