Grayson County ended its fiscal year 2017 with a few more million dollars in the bank than county leaders had anticipated.

Grayson County Auditor Richey Rivers told the Commissioners Court Tuesday that he thought the county would end 2017 with $17.65 million, compared to the anticipated ending total of $13.8 million. Rivers attributed the difference to both an increase in revenue and careful spending by elected officials and department heads.

“We had better-than-expected tax revenue collections,” Rivers said, adding the tax collection rate was 98.5 percent rather than the 97.5 that had been budgeted. “For a big budget that winds up being a lot of dollars.”

Rivers said there were also increased vehicle registration fees and property filing fees. He said county leaders “did a really fine job of managing their budgets.” He said they spent, overall, 96 percent of their total budget.

Rivers reminded commissioners that the 2018 budget is built upon drawing down some of that fund balance to take care of some capital expenses.

“We should expect to end 2018 with about $16 million,” Rivers said.

In addition, the commissioners accepted insurance settlements for damage to a couple of county vehicles, approved a memorandum to allow the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission officer stationed in Grayson County to use the Grayson County Sheriff’s gun range and approved an interlocal cooperative purchasing agreement with the North Central Texas Council of Governments to contract with Gabriel, Roeder, Smith and Co. for actuarial services for the county.

Commissioners also awarded the bid for two shelters to be installed at North Texas Regional Airport — Perrin Field to Dupont Building and awarded the annual contract for the supply of aggregates.