POTTSBORO — Tables at the Pottsboro Area Public Library where stacked high Saturday with gently used children’s clothes and toys galore as its staff eagerly awaited the beginning of its first children’s clothing and toy swap.

Circulation Desk Manager Teighlor Molignaro said the event has been a learning experience for the staff and they can’t wait to do it again.

“We had a few people donate a bunch of stuff,” Molignaro said. However, she added, some people mentioned that they would have liked to have had more notice so they could have gathered up more stuff.

She said the idea is that people can drop off the things they no longer need and pick up what they might have a need for.

Children’s clothing, she said, is one thing that people know can be expensive and only used for a short time span so why not pass it on?

That, she said, is in line with the library’s stance on sustainability.

Library Director Dianne Connery said the library is all about bringing people in and helping them find the things they need to make their life better whether that be a book or a toy or clothes for their children. Events like the swap are aimed at keeping the library in people’s minds and hearts as a central hub for the community.

There are, she said, only so many romance novels a person can read and the library is supposed to be a place where people can expand their horizons.

For that reason, she said, they host classes like a recent crocheting class that drew participants from all across the county.

“We are launching the library of things,” Connery said. She explained that there will be things that the library can loan people that most won’t have probably thought they could get at a library. For instance she said, power drills or cooking appliances or carpet cleaners, sewing machines and crafting stuff. “Some of it will purchased new (for the program) and some of it will be donated from the community.”

“We are excited about expanding the concept of a library to new things,” she said.

She said the program goes in line with the sustainability that the library started with its community garden and other projects.

“It’s just people sharing what they don’t need anymore with other people who do need it,” Connery said. And that, she said, is something at which the Pottsboro community is very adept.

She said the project will get underway as soon as the city council approves a storage building to keep those things.

Connery said that the Pottsboro library serves anyone in Grayson County.