With Christmas trees gathering dust at the curb, tax season is just around the corner. Grayson County Tax Assessor Collector Bruce Stidham sent out a reminder Tuesday that taxes are due at the end of this month.

He said taxpayers have until Jan. 31 to pay their 2017 property taxes without penalty or interest.

“If you have not paid the current 2017 property taxes, we want to encourage you to make an effort to do so by the end of this month,” Stidham said. “No one likes to pay more money in taxes than is necessary and paying by Jan. 31st, you’ll avoid the 7-percent penalty and interest that automatically attaches on Feb. 1st.”

By paying those taxes before the end of January, people can also avoid the long lines of those who may have also delayed in paying or who wish to make their payment in person. Taxpayers can also send their payments in by mail and, by including a self-addressed stamped envelope they ensure that a receipt will be returned to them. Payments MUST be postmarked by the U.S. Postal Service on or before Jan. 31 to avoid any penalty and interest.

“If financial circumstances don’t permit you to pay the entire amount by the end of January, you may want to make a partial payment, which would have penalty and interest attached to only the unpaid taxes remaining after Jan. 31st,” Stidham said.

“Taxpayers with the over 65 homestead exemption or a disabled homestead exemption may wish to take advantage of the ‘four-installment payments,’ which is allowed on their homestead account,” Stidham said. “If each installment is paid on time, no penalty or interested is added. The first payment must be at least 25 percent of the total tax bill and made no later than Jan. 31st. The second payment is due by March 31st; the third payment by May 31st and the fourth and final payment by July 31st.”

Further instructions are listed on the tax statement. Taxes can be paid online with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover, which will include a small convenience fee. Just go to www.co.grayson.tx.us and click on Directory, then Tax Assessor-Collector and then Payments. Be sure to include your property account number or numbers if paying more than one account.

For more information or questions regarding tax statements, contact the Grayson County Tax Office at 903-892-8297.