The Denison Police Department is currently taking applications for two open patrol officer positions.

“Hiring is an ongoing process,” Lt. Mike Eppler said. “When there are openings, we want to fill those, but we also like to have an eligibility list. We want to attract people to the department, especially those that are already interested in law enforcement. And we believe that Denison would be an outstanding place for them to get into law enforcement.”

Eppler said the department will welcome applicants who already have a Texas Peace Officer’s certification as well as those who do not. The Denison Police lieutenant explained that applicants without a certification begin by enrolling in the five-and-a-half-month long police academy, before moving onto the department-specific field training.

“In the academy, they, of course, have penal code, traffic law, firearms, civil law, patrol procedures, all types of arrest search and seizure, handcuffing and defensive tactics,” Eppler said. “It’s just a broad range of training that they’ll go through. Then, when you get into field training, you actually get more intensive training as far as what pertains to our department specifically, like policies and procedures and the way that we do things at Denison PD.”

Eppler added that the ideal candidate will display a willingness to serve and know that the position comes with its own set of challenges.

“It’s got to be someone that has a servant’s heart,” Eppler said. “There are sacrifices involved. Where people in other jobs might be off, we’re going to be out there at night, on the weekends, holidays and so forth. It’s got to be people who want to serve their community and give back.”

As a 28-year veteran of the department, who started as a patrol officer himself, Eppler said those who make the cut can look forward to a rewarding career.

“I think for anyone who wants to get into law enforcement, now is a great time to do it,” he said. “I know there can be a lot of negative attention about it, but it’s still the greatest profession you can get into and Denison is the best department to be a part of anywhere around. It’s truly a family.”

The department will accept applications through Feb. 9. Applications can be downloaded through the city of Denison’s website or picked up at the Denison Police Department, which is located at 108 West Main Street. For additional information, call the Denison Police Department at 903-465-2422.