The Fannin County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man authorities in Greenville have sought for questioning in connection with the recent death of a 1-month-old child in that city.

Lt. Frank Deater said officers arrested Jeremy Michael Stevenson early Wednesday morning at a residence along County Road 45515, near Trenton, on a parole violation warrant. Deater said he could not comment on why Greenville Police wanted to question Stevenson. A call placed to the Greenville Police Department wasn’t immediately returned Wednesday afternoon.

“Deputies gathered information and confirmed with the homeowner that he was, in fact, staying in a trailer on the property,” Deater said. “We assembled a group of officers from Ector, several of our deputies and, later on, the K-9 team from the prisons here in Fannin County.”

In a post published on the Fannin County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page, the agency said Stevenson was tipped off to the officers’ arrival and fled.

“From what I understand, he left the trailer, ran toward the back of a fenced-in area, laid down his cellphone and his keys, ran a little bit further and climbed up in a tree,” Deater said. “They were able to follow his scent right to where he was hiding.”

Deater said Stevenson was taken into custody without incident.