Employees at the Lighthouse Resort and Marina helped rescue at least two kayakers Tuesday morning after their vessel overturned on Lake Texoma.

Lighthouse Resort and Marina Communications Manager Cortney Garvin said staff observed the men, whom she described as a father and son, in distress and quickly took to the water.

“It all happened within the actual marina itself,” Garvin said. “We had employees that responded first, initially. They hopped on one of the pontoon boats that we rent out and they rescued the people that were out there. They brought them to our boat launch and got them off the boat. Some of our staff had towels and blankets waiting for them.”

Preston Volunteer Emergency Services personnel responded to the scene and provided assistance. A representative of the agency wasn’t immediately available for comment Tuesday. It was unclear whether any of the kayakers sustained injuries or suffered from hypothermia.

Garvin said conditions on the lake were not ideal Tuesday and encouraged those who plan to go out on the water to exercise caution.

“Nothing personal against the people that were out there, but it’s a very, very windy day and it’s very cold too,” Garvin said. “You run the risk of tipping and hypothermia and all sorts of stuff. Safety comes first, always.”

The National Center for Cold Water Safety reports that water at a temperature of 70 degrees or less should be treated with caution and may lead to hypothermia. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s most recent water temperature reading of Lake Texoma, conducted the week of Jan. 3, listed the water as ranging from 41 to 45 degrees. Air temperatures also effect the point at which hypothermia sets in. Air temperatures hovered in the 50s near Lake Texoma on Tuesday.