Grayson College students received application, registration, financial and schedule related guidance during the semiannual One and Done event Thursday. The One and Done event is held twice a year, during the month of August and again in January; to help students tie up loose ends before classes begin. Advisors, admissions representatives, financial aid representatives and registrar representatives were available from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. to provide assistance for new and returning students.

Jeanne Williams with the GC Registrar’s office said January’s event is not as popular as the one in August but a number of students still find it valuable.

“They can come up here and tell us what they haven’t done or that they would like to come to Grayson,” Williams said. “We’ll take them through the application process. We’ll take them through the documentation. We’ll tell them everything they need. They can do the whole thing all in one day. We can take them through everything.”

Williams went on to say the event is most helpful for students on a tight schedule.

“We have students that are returning,” Williams said. “They’re trying to get everything done in one day. They can get a new degree plan, take their test, register for classes. They can pay, get financial aid, whatever they need to do.”

Existing GC student Macy Bodovsky said she attended the event for schedule clarification.

“I want to make sure my schedule is correct,” Bodovsky said. “I already made it online. I just want to check and make sure I’m in the right classes.”

For Bodovsky and other returning students, the One and Done event provides a designated day to receive feedback and guidance on degree plans and class schedules.

GC Assistant to the President Molly Harris explained the upcoming student success building will help events like One and Done operate more smoothly.

“Right now students have to travel to the other end of campus to do their testing,” Harris said. “For One and Done we bring testing up here to this side of campus. With the new Student Success Center it’s going to always be right there. To have the access for our students to their tutors and their faculty is going to really help student engagement and student success.”

Campus groups and organizations were in attendance to provide information to incoming students. Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society member Monica Stas explained the group was there to promote the program.

“We really encourage students to join,” Stas said. “Any student that has a 3.5 GPA is eligible to join. It’s a great network. There are so many scholarships available to those who transfer to a four year university from a junior college.”

Harris said it is important for students to understand they do not need to wait until the One and Done event to start the registration process.

“That’s the real key, especially with financial aid,” Harris said. ” On Oct. 1 a student can start applying for financial aid for the following fall semester. For example with the summer One and Done, if a student waits until August to start that paperwork, the chances of those funds still being available on the first day of class are not great. We really want people to understand that while we have this and it’s a great resource and it’s really successful and a lot of fun, students don’t have to wait.”

Harris went on to explain in addition to availability for scholarship funds, waiting too long can limit class choice.

“If you need a specific class on a specific day or a specific instructor or if you’re trying to work and do family and those kinds of things you need to get it as soon as possible,” Harris said. “When registration opens, that’s when you should register for classes.”

Harris said the easiest way to start the process is to apply online. Prospective students can visit the college’s website at and click on Apply Now.