Bonham High School is set to reopen Thursday after its closure Wednesday due to the weather. Bonham Independent School District Superintendent Marvin Beaty explained the heating system in the current high school was not functioning properly and was unable to heat the high school to a temperature suitable for students and staff.

“We had an issue with heat getting the high school warm,” Beaty said. “It’s an old building with old equipment and it sometimes goes down at the last minute. It was extremely cold and we couldn’t get it heated up for kids and teachers, so the best thing to do was to call the day and get it fixed.”

Beaty went on to say the system had been repaired and the school would definitely be open Thursday.

“Everything is up and going,” Beaty said. “The building is nice and toasty and ready for staff and students tomorrow.”

BISD is currently building a new high school due to the age of the current one. Bonham voters supported of the new high school campus, approving a $30 million bond proposal in spring of 2016. The proposal passed 68.18 percent (977 votes) to 31.82 percent (456 votes).

Beaty explained the district is attempting to keep the system in the existing high school going as long as possible.

“We’re going to tear down this high school down as soon as the other is built,” Beaty said.

The new BHS campus will provide students larger classrooms and ample performing arts space. The district plans to add a multipurpose center to serve as a secondary facility for athletics and fine arts programs. The vocational and gym facilities will also get a face-lift to address much needed repairs.

The new building will expand west of the current structure toward State Highway 121. Students will continue attending classes in the old building until the new structure is completed.