After a weekend of freezing temperatures and icy conditions, temperatures in Grayson County are finally expected to rise above freezing on Wednesday. Temperatures have not reached above freezing since Saturday afternoon.

National Weather Service meteorologist Patricia Sanchez, who works out of the service’s Fort Worth office, said the area will have a very dry weather pattern for the rest of the week. She explained the temperatures are anticipated to approach the 40 degree mark near noon on Wednesday.

“Tomorrow morning will still be very cold though,” Sanchez said. “Temperatures will be in the mid-teens tomorrow morning before reaching the forties in the afternoon. It will be the same through the rest of the week.”

The wind chill for Wednesday morning will be around 10 degrees and will approach 30 degrees as the day goes on. Although temperatures will remain cold throughout much of the week, a lack of precipitation should eliminate the chance for further winter weather, Sanchez said.

Temperatures should warm during the weekend with a high around 60 degrees on Sunday. Sanchez also said there will be a chance of rain between 20 percent and 30 percent for Sunday.

Sanchez explained consecutive days without reaching above freezing temperatures is slightly abnormal for Grayson County, even during this time of year.

“This is a little below normal,” Sanchez said. “The normal for January is a high around 51 degrees and in December a high around 72 degrees. So yeah, we’re well below normal for the Grayson County area. But we should be back to the 50s and some 60s by the end of next weekend.”

Sanchez recommended people wear layers to stay warm but avoid leaving space heaters on overnight.