The Texoma Council of Governments, in collaboration with the Salvation Army of Grayson County, Areli Medical Supply and Grayson County Health Clinic, announced the Durable Medical Equipment Project will launch today.

“The purpose of the project is to loan durable medical equipment to individuals with medical necessity,” stated TCOG Executive Director Susan Thomas in a written statement.

Work began on the project when TCOG’s Aging & Disability Resource Center received funds from Texas Department of Health and Human Services Commission to initiate the project in August 2016.

“The project fulfills two gaps for Grayson County: 1) a means for collecting, refurbishing and distributing reusable durable medical equipment; and 2) loaning the equipment to individuals in need,” ADRC Program Manager Janet Karam said.

She said TCOG program staff noticed that they were getting two types of calls over and over again. The first was from people who were left with durable medical equipment that was no longer needed and who had no idea what to do with it. They wanted to make sure that it could be used by someone who needed it, she said, but they didn’t know how to get it to someone with the need. Then, Karam said, they also got calls from people who needed the equipment but had no idea who to contact to fill that need. So it really was just about connecting those two needs, she said in a phone call.

The project’s inventory includes wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, canes, portable commodes and shower chairs. The Salvation Army of Grayson County houses the project in their Denison warehouse, and Texoma residents along with partner agencies have donated to the inventory on hand. The project’s collaborators coordinate referrals, inventory control and maintenance.

Karam said all of the member agencies have a list of the equipment that is available. To access the program, referral forms and medical necessity forms must be completed by referring agency and individual’s doctor.

For additional information, contact: Karam, at 903-813-3581.